Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Sitting on the edge of a vibrating bed
without any quarters

     truck parked outside
with some
other trucks
at least one
still running

woman next door
threatening to gouge
her husband’s eyes
out for looking
at pornography.

I paid 60 bucks for this place
and the water is cold
and the bible
underneath the nightstand
crushes a generic tissue box.

Do you know the story of Mizpah?
He walked across Israel to become
a fisherman and the Romans
hung him upside down on a cross
then stabbed him in the side with a sword.
No one knows if Mizpah loved Jesus.
No one knows if committed a crime.

I took a bus across the country
to work a job I hate.

Now I hear sirens.

My three options are:
or home.

I turn the bible upside down and shake

but the verses refuse to fall out.  

-- Dave Newman

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